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CLIC by Suzanne

The Dutch jewellery designer Suzanne Schaars always had a penchant for aluminium and stainless steel. She transforms the materials into magnificent design jewellery of strong graphic forms with a unique, invisible magnetic clasp. Timeless, stylish, chic and also rugged.

'Strong, wearable art', as Suzanne likes to say.


Every piece of CLIC jewellery is hand crafted following traditional methods in her own studio. 100% craftsmanship!

Immerse yourself in CLIC by Suzanne.


The company is based in Thailand, giving access to top grade materials, precise design and skilled craftsmanship. 

ZSISKA jewellery is made of resin and can be combined with other high quality materials such as 24k gold leaf and pure silver leaf. After experiencing with different techniques ZSISKA found a way to make resin as clear as glass and very light in weight. These developed techniques resulted in jewellery that is easy and very pleasantly to wear! 

The creative flair and artistic energy of the ZSISKA design team adds the perfect touch to all ZSISKA jewellery and accessories. The inspiration of every collection is found in the wonderful diversity of cultures, art, nature, upcoming fashion trends and colours. 

Strong and elegant women wear ZSISKA. Women who know what they want and who stand out in the crowd. Women you notice!

Silk Route

Silk Route ontwerpt prachtige sjaals en werkt voornamelijk met natuurlijke materialen zoals wol, katoen, linnen en zijde.


Het familiebedrijf bestaat al sinds 1975 en wordt gerund door de zussen Sharon en Crisje. Zij streven naar duurzaamheid en geloven niet in ‘fast-fashion’: zij kiezen voor hoogstaande kwaliteit, natuurlijke stoffen en creëren ontwerpen die niet alleen geschikt zijn voor één seizoen, maar voor meerdere jaren.


Silk Route ontwikkelt per jaar 2 nieuwe collecties. Enkele basisontwerpen keren elk seizoen terug.


De sjaals worden gemaakt in het Verre Oosten. Crisje en Sharon reizen regelmatig naar daar en staan in nauw contact met de mensen waar ze mee samenwerken.


This design studio is based in Belgium and creates jewellery and accessoires combining recycled materials with certified silver.

CrazyClage has a passion for upcycling. They play with the endless possibilities that arise from combining recycled materials, precious metals, gemstones and organic materials. The result is an intriguing love play between old and new, undervalued and valued, inorganic and organic…

This encounter has culminated in a new generation of controversial, colourful and endlessly variable handmade jewellery.

In short, CrazyClage stands for recycling linked to playfully designed jewellery, handmade with quality, durability and care for the environment.

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